Hire Car News: Knowledge test requirements for hire car accreditation

Following on this month major Hire Car News, the Taxi Services Commission has declared that in order to drive a taxi or hire car in the metropolitan zone, you must hold a driver accreditation certificate with a Metropolitan Taxi and Hire Car (MTMH) endorsement. As of 30 June 2014, there will be a new requirement for hire car drivers to undertake the Knowledge test as part of becoming accredited in the metropolitan zone.

Existing hire car drivers that have been accredited for less than five years and wish to renew their accreditation in the metropolitan zone will also need to complete the Knowledge test.

The Knowledge test for hire car drivers will consist of three modules:

  • General assessment
  • Geographical assessment
  • Driver behaviour.

Country drivers are not required to complete the Knowledge test as part of their accreditation and will continue to become accredited through the existing process. However, please be aware that some drivers who were previously accredited in country zones may now be operating in the metropolitan zone because of the changes to the zone boundaries. If you are driving in Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo or on the Mornington Peninsula, you may need to sit the Knowledge test when renewing your accreditation.

More information about the Knowledge test is available on the TSC website.