Did you know? Car Fact #7

Did you know? One horse does not have one horsepower. The number of ‘horsepower’ that comes advertised with your vehicle represents a basic unit of mechanical power that can be assessed in various ways. Some technical ones involve converting one horsepower to 735 watts, or in a physical conversion, 33,000 […]

One Horsepower -

Hire Car News: The all new second-generation Audi Q7 SUV

Audi has released the first promotional video with the second-generation Audi Q7 SUV. The German brand explains the model ‘sets new standards’ and is equipped with ‘innovative technologies, driving assistance and infotainment systems’. Audi also highlights the vehicle is up to 325 kg (716.5 lbs) lighter than its predecessor, emits […]

mi-ka Audi Q7 SUV